" matter how frightening things may be, I know that you can pull through. I belive in you. Don't forget that."
- Penn Guindel
Penn Guindel is one of the characters in encountered in Mary's dream, where he resides behind the second door of the Dream Hall. He is the representation of Mary's beloved Uncle Gwendel from the real world.


Penn Guindel is a blue penguin who wears a dark pinkish-red suit, a dark pinkish-red top hat and dark pinkish-red shoes. In addition, he has a blue bow tie and wears a monocle covering his left eye. When you enter the room, you will see him sitting down on a chair reading a blue book.


Penn Guindel is kind and gentle, happy to see Mary when she arrives and allows her to stay as long as she pleases. When you're told by Boaris to go play with your friends, you can visit him and he will give you three tasks, all of which involve finding a book and describing it to him.

Later, when you're assigned to take a seed from him, he seems disappointed and tries to convince you to stay. However, he does allow you to have the seed if you can answer his question correctly. His question is about a brown journal he lost that is written by someone named Ana, and he asks you to tell him who it is addressed to. If you answer correctly, he smiles and gives you the seed, then disappears. If you don't, he is saddened and regretfully tells you that he must take a flower petal from you. He gives you the seed nonetheless, and tells you that if you haven't found it yet, to find The Angel. After that, he will vanish on cue.

Surprisingly, Penn is the only character who does not seem to be faking his kind personality seeing as he does not have a "Nightmare Face", meaning that even when you fail his last minigame he does not smile crudely and ironically like Bunnilda or Foxanne, much less scowl like Boaris. He simply seems downright sad. This might be to further imply that the only person Mary trusted in was Penn Guindel, her uncle in real life.


When you go back to visit him, he will assign you with three tasks: Finding a book about a stuffed rabbit and telling him the colour of it, finding a white book about morals and telling him the author, then finally, finding a green book written by someone who's name starts with an S, and telling him the title. After completing a task for him, he will direct you to Foxanne.

When asking to take the seed from him, he will challenge you to tell him about the brown journal he lost, and who it was written for. Naturally, guessing correctly ends with him giving you the Red Seed, otherwise he will take a flower petal from you. Either way, he will then disappear and will not show up again.

Trivia Edit

  • When you first begin the game and the radio plays, Accha will warn you about him, saying that "he gets fiction confused with reality." This likely refers to the fourth door room, which has a "sea angel", possibly the thing that he was talking about.