• "f only I had a key for this door... But that's impossible. I could only dream about getting it"

- Mary/Mari

Mary or Mari is the protagonist of the horror adventure game Dreaming Mary. Her goal is to explore the dream world.

Appearance: Edit

In the dream world, Mary has slightly wavy pink shoulder length hair, large cheerful pink eyes, and fair skin. Her attire consists of pink and white polka dotted knee-length dress, white stockings that reach her knees and black strap-on mary jane. She can also be found holding a white lily, symbolizing her innocence.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Mari's look is more realistic. She has stright shoulder-length brown hair and rather sad looking brown eyes. She wears a brown long-sleeved shirt with a white collar, a dirty looking skirt of a darker shade that stops near her ankles and a pair of black shoes.

Personality Edit

Due to her cheerful girly look it is speculated that Mary is a very happy girl, that loves to play games with her friends and pink/cute things.This Mary could be a representation of a Mari that doesn't have to deal with her father's implied sexual abuse or with the implied gruesome fates of her friends.This Mary is forever happy with the friends and the innocence she lost. the fact that two of the petals are missing before you start the game further implies Mari/Mary's father has been abusing her.

The Real Mari, on the other hand, seems to be very depressed and hopeless as a result of not only her father's abuse but also becuase of the( implied) deaths of her friends and mother (confirmed).Mari has too face reality and the sad truth of what is happening to her and that she has no way to stop it.

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