“It’ll only get better from here.”
- Foxanne
Foxanne is one of the characters encountered in Mary's dream, where she resides behind the third door of the Dream Hall. A beautiful lady fox who treats Mary like a little sister. She is the representation of Mary's tutor from the real world.

Appearance Edit

Foxanne is a feminine, autumn-colored fox who wears a long, purple dress with a purple headband and shoes to match. She holds a martini in her right hand. Her eyes seem to be a bright purplish-pinkish color and have three pretty, long lashes.

Behavior Edit

Foxanne is playful, and likes to play games with Mary such as hide and seek. When talking to her for the first time, she mentions that you will play games with her just like the old days, implying that she played with Mary a long time ago. She is also surprised to see Mary more grown-up. Foxanne tells you that you won't leave on her watch, which can be interpereted as clingy and overprotective. Nonetheless, she cares about Mary and is very happy to see her, excited to be able to play with her again.

When asking Foxanne for a seed, she seems distraught and isn't willing to give it up. As you persist, she will challenge you to one last game of hide and seek. Before, she gave you up to 45 seconds, then 25. This time, she only gives you 10 seconds to find her. Like the other characters, it's obvious that she's very attached to Mary and doesn't want her to leave. She will be impressed if you find her in time, but if you don't, she suddenly becomes very aggressive and mocking. She laughs at you with a disturbing smile, saying that you lost. Different from all the characters, Foxanne tends to be the one to act the most agressive and creepy when she takes the petal from Mary. She says that Mary better pay up, but later claims that she herself is so generous that she'll give the seed to her. Foxanne then tells Mary to have fun in her dreams. After that, Foxanne dissapears, and her shadow can be seen sitting on her chair.

History Edit

Theres no information about Foxanne's history, and very little is known about her. Foxanne is a fox from Mary's dreams, along with Bunnilda, Penn Guindel and Boaris. Foxanne is based off of Mary's tutor. In the game it's show that Foxanne and Mary would have had played on Mary's past dreams when she was younger, since she says that her and Mary will play like in the old days when you first talk to her.

Role Edit

In the game, you will encounter Foxanne on four different occasions. She directs you to Boaris the first time you speak to her, then the next couple of times will play a round of hide-and-seek with you. The last time you encounter her in order to take her seed, she will play another round with you, but this time you will have much, much less time to find her. If you find her in time, she will be impressed and give you a seed before making her, "Final disappearance." If you don't, she will laugh at you for losing, but will give you the seed anyways in exchange for one of your flower petals.