New players are advised to refrain from navigating though this wiki's pages until they've completed the game in full, becuase this whole site contains unmarked Spoilers for the video game Dreaming Mary.

The game, despite its fluffy and cute visuals and music, does feature disturbing content later on and possible TRIGGERS.

Player discression is advised.

About Dreaming MaryEdit

Dreaming Mary is an indie, sidescrolling horror-adventure RPG game created by Accha. It was released on April 17th, 2014.

You play as Mary, a girl who loves to dream.During one of her dreams she finds herself in an oddly familiar place that is unique among the dream worlds she has created.Everyone in this dream world knows her and wants to play or have her help.Mary can stay and fall deeper into her dream or return back to reality.

What will you chose?

Dream or reality?

The sweet lies or the painful truth?

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