"Well, my name is Bunnilda. I'm the maid of your dreams! Teehee!"

- Bunnilda

Bunnilda is one of the characters encountered in Mary's dream, where she resides behind the first door of the Dream Hall. She is the representation of Mary's maid from the real world.

Appearance Edit

Bunnilda is a cute and innocent-looking white bunny. She wears a white maid dress with frills on the bottom with a black simple apron with no pockets in front of it. She wears a simple little hat on her head and holds a broom in her hands.

Behavior Edit

When you first talk to Bunnilda, she will seem harmless. She tells you that you two have met before, when Mary was a child. Then, she will ask if you remember her, and if you respond with, "Yes," then she will reply in a motherly way and tell you to go meet the others. If you respond with, "No," She'll reminisce and then introduce herself.

Later, when you must ask Bunnilda for a seed, she will become sad and wonder why you aren't happy in your dream. Though hesitent, she offers to give you her seed if you can answer her question correctly. If you succeed, she will apologize for tricking you and will give you the Red Seed. If you don't, she will still let you have it, but she will take one of your flower petals. Regardless of how you answer, she will disappear afterwards.

Role Edit

Like the other characters in each of the three rooms of the dream hallway, Bunnilda has favors and tasks for Mary. Bunnilda's tasks involve putting statues in the right order and giving them the correct items based on the story she tells. When you ask for a seed, you answer a question about the story instead. Whether you get the question correct or not, she will give it to you and then vanish, like the others.

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